Welcome to this blog for people who have an interest in the history of Methodism in Tennessee, particularly Middle Tennessee. It is an experimental process at this time. I have had mixed success with past blogs, so this will be a test at first.  I will initially use it as a means to communicate information from the archives/library of the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church. I will also pass on pertinent information from others. I have set this up under my own volition, so in a sense it is unofficial, but I intend it to be an avenue for communication in my official capacity as archivist for the Conference.

I have the comments enabled so others can comment, but at present the comments must be cleared by an administrator before posting.  If you wish to pose a question or start a thread, the administrator may post your comment as a new post at your request, rather than leave it as an unrelated post.

This whole process may change as we go along, but we will try it this way for now. In my past blogging experience, I have had this method be both successful and more trouble than it is worth, so we will just see.

More to come.



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