Apologies For Absences From This Site

I apologize for the lack of past posting and any future inconsistencies in the frequency of my posting. Besides the start of a new job in another city from the one where i live, there have been death and care-giving issues in my family that have hindered my abilities to do this work as well as i would like. As these issues resolve themselves and I adapt to changes that I do not control, I expect to come back up to speed. Feel free to express your own opinions through comments, adding to the blog content. I will note that we screen comments, but not so much for opinion (i.e. you may disagree with me to your hearts content) but so we can eliminate posts that seem to encourage debate if you follow them to their Website, but the link actually leads to buy-new-homes-for-no-money.com or something worse. In short, the delay in posting comments is to remove spam.


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