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Home Website for the Historic Library and Archives of the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church

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13 thoughts on “Historical Library and Archives Home

  1. My brother was baptized at Whitehaven Methodist Church in Memphis, which has ceased to exist. Where can he find a record of his baptism?

    • Pastor Renee, We have recently had some changes at the TNUMC Archives. Please contact us at 615-601-1581. We would love to have the Conference Journals and 1960 Book of Discipline if you still want to donate! – Gratia Strother, Archivist

  2. I’m looking for any records you have of Andrew Johnson McClanahan. Apparently he was a circuit riding preacher in Stewart county Tennessee. I’d like to know where he preached, his long he ministered, etc…

    Michelle MClanahan

    • Hi Michelle! I think we can find some records on him! Please call our archives office at 615-601-1581 and we can discuss how to get them to you. We have had some recent changes at the archives. If this message has already been replied to before please let me know. I will be happy to help in any way I can. Gratia Strother, Archivist

  3. I am looking for a listing of Memphis Conference Ministers back to circa 1870. In particular for William Hill in the Newbern area. Please let me know who to contact.
    Thank you.

    • Buddy – Please call our archives office at 615-601-1581 and I will try to help you with finding a listing of Memphis Conference Ministers and info on William Hill. – Gratia Strother, Archivist

  4. I am looking for pictures to use with a video about Margaret Lavinia Campbell Kelley. If any of these are available: the family farm 7 miles from Lebanon, churches on the Lebanon Circuit as they may have looked prior to the Civil War or in the l870’s, Kelley family log cabin in Leeville, the church in Leeville. Linda Collier let me examine a copy of A Legacy of Love and I wrote down facts from it, but I would still like to look at it again.

  5. I am looking for materials on the relationship between the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in its formative years in Tennessee, 1866-1900, including the founding conference of the CME Church at First Methodist Church in Jackson TN in Dec. 1870. Specifically, I am looking for accounts in Conference Minutes, the Christian Advocate, memoirs, and other religious periodicals.

  6. Do you have a copy of the history of the Vine Grove United Methodist Church in Dayton, TN? Can’t find it in any library. Thanks

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